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Fanfiction Rules and Regulation

posted Apr 15, 2011 17:37:03 by Miku-nee
The number one princess Miku is here! If you don't know how to treat me that way, then get lost!

First off: Strictly no script format, got it?

Second: Rate it by K-T, warn the readers in the very beginning. Example: "Warning: Blood and Character Death."

Thirdly: No plagiarism! Immediate ban will be executed on you if I caught any of you doing such immoral acts.

Fourth: No flames and any insults towards each other no matter what the reason. Constructive criticism is allowed. Now, take that down immediately!

Fifth: English is a universal language, fitting for moi~ Other languages, though, is not necessarily used unless other writers can understand it.

Sixth~: Put the characters in your stories in the beginning, so we know who should we expect. Also, personalities from different songs are included. Like: "Characters: Kagamine Rin and World is Mine!Miku"

Lastly: Genres are up to you, of course! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy~

Now, someone get me some sweets. Of course, I mean now.

Under the circumstances any of you shall break these, they shall have a taste of a leek to the face
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My fault? Let's call it a cute mistake. Complaints are not permitted!
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