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posted Apr 15, 2011 16:50:02 by Rin_Kagamine
Rules, to control a kingdom, fit for a Daughter of Evil such as a Princess like Me. These rules are to be followed.

These rules are:
  • No fighting or insulting other users.
  • Respect the the people who are in higher ranks than you.
  • Strictly no cursing. This shall lead to an immediate ban.
  • No double (or more) Posting.
  • Languages other than English is not acceptable. (Except in signatures)
  • Use proper grammar, or in a way understandable to read
  • No All Caps and Exclamation Mark spamming.
  • No spamming.
  • Do not post images with explicit content. This shall also lead to an immediate ban.

    Those who abide these rules are the citizens of the Green. Those who doesn't will be added to my lovely fearful garden of hands.

    Also, The Maiden of Green and her deceased cats would like to say a sweet rotten Hello.
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