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How to use the Art Forum

posted Apr 15, 2011 17:38:42 by Rin_Kagamine
Ah Rules, How can we not forget them? Of course we shouldn't! This Kingdom was brought up by a Daughter of Evil, I above all, should know of these evil deeds.

Here is a list of rules that you shall abide:
  • Do not post images that you did not draw or make. These images must be a hundred percent yours, unless a reference was used.
  • No Sexual content is allowed. If you wish to find such things, Go Google It.
  • English is our Universal language, please post in a rather understandable grammar.
  • Post critiques instead of criticisms. I shall define them for less misunderstandings.
    appraise critically

    to censure or find fault with.

  • If the artwork contains copyrighted materials that you did NOT make on your own, then please do not post it.
  • Posting artwork unrelated to Vocaloid are allowed.

    Those who follow these rules are to be rewarded, sadly, I already ate all the tangerines. By the way, Those who disobey these rules shall be sent to the first Alice to be cut down to pieces!

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