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Role-Play Rules.

posted Apr 15, 2011 18:04:25 by Rin_Kagamine
Oh I enjoy Roleplays. But of course there are rules to be set for order to be achieved.

  • The Rules of Rule-play:
    All roleplaying threads are to explain the general outline of the story, it's theme and what characters are needed. This must be as detailed as you possibly can! Those who does not abide this rule shall be closed.
  • The Role-play creators must create their own set of rules in their own story. Examples are: No One Liners or No Romance.
  • Alongside the creators rules, these too are to be followed:
    -No Inadequate Language
    -No explicit Content
    -No GodMode
    -No Racism

    By Wikipedia:
    Some common examples of these rules are:
    Enforcing a specific genre or theme.
    Sticking to a certain 'point of view'.
    Observing correct grammar and spelling and use of a certain, default language.
    Observing the rating of the game. Mature games may contain no restrictions on adult content.
    Restrictions on or requirements to work together outside the story over plot and other elements.
    Restrictions on:
    who can contribute, and how often, when the work is being put together in an open area such as an online forum or mailing list.
    Killing off or otherwise permanently changing a major character owned by another player without their consent.
    Powergaming, twinking and/or godmoding.
    Creating Mary Sues or characters with a set of characteristics or stats too beneficial to the player as to give them an unfair and unrealistic advantage over others.

    I am quite a fan of Role-play. So Any hint of law breaking shall be given a free ticket to Enbizaka.
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