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Rules and Regulations!

posted Apr 15, 2011 18:04:02 by Miku-nee
I, Miku, the number one princess in the whole world, is back to give you a set of rules provided by yours truly~

First: No trash-talks, inadequate language and insults to other posts! Do it with precise courtesy and politeness. Ignore this, and I will ban you from my glorious presence!

Secondly: Any topic other than Vocaloids will do. Though, explicit contents is out of the question. You can go Google it if you want.

Third: Respect the Mods and Admins. As said by Oujo-sama from the General topic, a grave punishment shall be given to you.

Fourthly: Proper Grammar isn't exactly needed, though it is still quite helpful.

Lastly: Have fun and enjoy~

Now, bow down and call me "Princess"!

Abide the rules or be the next menu on Vanika Conchita's gruesome gourmet
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My fault? Let's call it a cute mistake. Complaints are not permitted!
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