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Aria of the damned

posted Jun 21, 2011 09:57:07 by Iroha_Apple
This is NOT an RP this is Aria's past and how her and Sho met and such.

Rated T+

Warning:Contains blood,death,is way darker then The Last Vampires.

Main characters:Aria Willow and Sho ???

Chapter 1

Five,thosend years ago there was a girl.She was only the age of eight.Her best friend the age of Sixteen was pregent and had just died.One day a priest came to there village.He had taken the girls friends body out of her grave and stabed her belly many times.The dead friend sat up and looked at the priest.She licked the priest face clean off.The priset screamed in pain and died when the dead girl riped off his head and ate it the dead girl fell back down no longer alive once more.A baby's cry was heard.The eight year old girl was awoken by the cry and woke her father up.Her and her father went to her friends body horrifed by the site they took a baby boy out of her friends belly and named him Yaksha.Now 132
years before the last vampires in japan a young girl lays in her bed sleeping.This girl is the child of Yaksha.

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Iroha_Apple said Jun 21, 2011 17:16:23
Chapter 2
Princess Aria

I awoke from my slumber the sunlight hides behind my curtains.I yawned."Princess your father is waiting for you."A woman said in the hall."Be right there."I said as I jumped out of bed.I got dressed and brushed my long blonde hair.I open the door and go down the hall not waiting for the woman to speak.Suddenly i bumped into a boy.He was human I could tell."Sorry about that miss."He said he stood up and held out his hand.I looked at the hand.My eyes narowed.I slaped the hand away and got up."Watch where your going moron."I said as I walked away
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